Most visitors come for the wonderful beaches but worth visiting just for the food.  Wonderful sourdough bread which will stay moist for a week, here the bread is honoured and it is considered bad luck to turn it over to cut.  Puglia benifits from a long coastline so that fish is the main protien of the regaion eccept in Foggia where meat and cheese have historically been the staple.

Huge, venerable olives and almond trees are central to the agriculture and fresh vegetables abound.

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2 responses to “Puglia

  1. I just spent about 4 days in the Puglia region in the town of Monopoli and was so impressed with the fresh seafood. I had a bowl of fresh clams in a very light, clear broth with almost transparent slices of fennel that was so tasty I could have eaten 2 bowls had it not been an antipasto! I would highly recommend a visit to the Puglia region for the seafood alone!

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