For many Italians Primo is what the meal is all about!  In fact for special occasions you may be served more than one.  Pasta is most people’s idea of what primo is, but this again has regional differences.  Rice in the form of Risotto is the starch of choice  in Lomardia, Piemonte and the Veneto.  Polenta maybe served as primo or secondo in Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia and parts of the Veneto, and we mustn’t forget the soups served in many regions, Minestroni, Ribolito to name but two.  Couscous also features in Sicilia, an Arab influence.

Acquacotta – Viterbo, Lazio. Soup

Chickpea and chestnut soup – Viterbo, Lazio

Couscous with shellfish – Sicilia

Fresh egg pasta – basic recipe

Gnocchi alla crema di scampi – many coastal areas

Lasagne – Emilia Romagna

Linguine alla puttanesca – Campania

Linguine alle vongole – many coastal areas

Lombricchelli all’Amatriciana – Viterbo, Lazio

Mushroom sauce for pasta or polenta

Orecchiette with broccoli – Puglia

Pappadelle al sugo di Noce – Liguria

Pappardelle with wild boar sauce – Toscana

Pasta with Sardines – Sicilia

Pizzoccheri – Valtellina, Lombardia

Ragù – Emilia Romagna

Ravioli filled with pumpkin and walnut sance – Mantova, Lombardia

Ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta

Ribollita – Toscana

risotto al nero di seppia – Veneto
Risotto alla Milanese – Lombardia
Mushroom risotto – Veneto
Pear and gorganzola cheese risotto – Lombardia
Sausage risotto – Lombardia and Piemonte
Shellfish risotto

Spaghetti alla carbonara – Lazio

Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe – Lazio

Spaghetti alla Norma – Sicilia

Spaghettini with red mullet

Trenette al pesto – Liguria


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