About this site

This web site is produced by Christina Thompson and Donica Mensing to introduce international students and visitors to the many regional specialities that make up Italian cuisine. We hope this site will help you discover new ingredients, dishes, meals and restaurants that reveal the very best of Italy.

Christina is a resident of Viterbo, Italy and instructor for the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) at the Universita degli Studi della Tuscia, where she teaches classes in Italian cuisine and Italian gardens. Donica Mensing is a USAC visiting professor from the University of Nevada, Reno. She is an associate professor of journalism and occasionally teaches travel writing for the USAC program in Viterbo. Students in her courses have created a web site about Viterbo, which includes student stories on Italian cuisine.

Italian cooking is noteworthy for its regional variations and emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients. For those reasons, our site is organized regionally, with recipes, maps and descriptions of each of the 20 regions in Italy. We are also creating a monthly archive so that seasonal information can be easily accessed chronologically.

Please leave us a comment below with any questions or suggestions and sign up for an email subscription to get the latest on what we’re discovering as we eat and cook our way across Italy.


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  1. Very easy to use , well laid out website with clear simple style.

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