Summer pasta

By Nicole Denering and Lauren Eckworth

After our shopping cuisine class we made a delicious primo dish called summer pasta. This simple dish included only a few ingredients but it is great for warm weather when minimal stove top cooking is desired. The few ingredients create a final taste that is light and refreshing. The only ingredients were tomatoes, fior di latte cheese (mozzarella), and pasta.

Only the outer layer of the tomato was used because the pulp would have caused the pasta dish to be too watery. You can also liquidize some of the tomato to form a ‘sauce’. The tomato was cut up into small cubes and seasoned with pepper. Next, the fior di latte cheese was torn into small pieces to be added to the pasta. Fior di latte is similar to mozzarella but made with cow’s milk, so it is more chewy. This cheese is made in Viterbo in the Piano Scarano area. The pasta was cooked al dente and then added to the tomatoes and fior di latte and all was mixed together to be served.

The heat of the pasta caused the cheese to melt slightly. Once the cheese solidified again, it had absorbed some of the tomato juice to create a flavorful combination to be enjoyed with pasta. This light yet satisfying dish is a very enjoyable primo dish and summertime favorite.


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