Making Cannoli during class

By Bailey Sheridan

Bailey Sheridan

The first time I ever had a cannoli I threw it away. The filling had a weird taste and the shell was way too hard. When I was asked to make cannoli in cooking class my first thought was to say “No way!” However, I kept my thoughts to myself and decided that I could help make them without tasting them, so I got working!

The first thing we did was roll out the dough into thin circles. Then we had to take a wooden cylinder and roll the cannoli around it. This task was tedious because if you got the dough too thin it would tear, and if it was too thick it was hard to make the sides stay together!

Anthony Donofrio III puts his strength into rolling and cutting the dough

After that we dropped the dough into the deep fryer and fried them up!  Once the shells were golden brown we took them out and set them aside.

Ella Trujillo deep frying the shells

Jackie Correa prepares the chocolate

Next we made the cannoli filling. For this we used cream, (and I don’t know what else!)  (Note from Christina – actually it wasn’t cream but ricotta beaten so that it was smooth and creamy)  Then we slowly added in chocolate chips and whipped up the mixture. Once the ricotta was ready we put it into little bags and squeezed it into the shells!

Bailey beating the ricotta

...and pipes the ricotta into the shells

When it came time to eat them I was very hesitant, but since they were small I figured I might as well try one! I am so glad I did. These cannolies were absolutely amazing! The shell was not hard and stiff, and the filling was light and fluffy. The chocolate chips were also a nice touch. They were the by far the most delicious thing I have made in cooking this year!

The canolli were dusted with powder sugar to serve

For the full recipe go to the recipe section/dolce canolli


One response to “Making Cannoli during class

  1. Gee Bailey I have had the same feeling about them but yours look delicious! Nothing like the fresh ingredients and the correct formula! Just love your article, pictures and results! I feel like I am still there with you! Love your Auntie Kak

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