Making Cannoli at L’Altro Gusto

By Chelsea Lysne

It was a very lovely evening in Viterbo, when I was granted the opportunity to hand make cannoli in a small Italian restaurant. L’Altro Gusto was one of the quaintest restaurants I have been to during my stay here. For my Italian cuisine class I got to cook alongside chefs and make from start to finish cannoli.

Jessica making the second batch of dough

They had already made the dough  (but a second batch was made by Jessica) and we began by rolling it out and cutting the dough into 10’ by 10’ pieces. At that point we would wrap the dough end to end around a small piece of wood or metal. It was a unique experience standing there in a restaurant in Italy learning how to make one of my favorite desserts.

Chelsea rolling the dough

I had never thought that I would be cooking in Italy let alone in a restaurant kitchen. After we finished wrapping the dough around the small sticks it was time to place them in the deep fryer.

Wesley putting the dough around the 'formers'

This was the more difficult task. I had to make sure to constantly turn the dough and try not to break the crusts. It was necessary to turn them every few seconds until all sides were brown. We all took turns because always turning the dough was a little tiring, it was very fun though.

Once we finish cooking the crusts we inserted the filling. The filling was made with ricotta, sugar, and chocolate. We squeezed the filling in by use of a small plastic bag that contained the ricotta mixture. This proved to be a rather messy process and I got this mixture all over my hands. It was a delicious mistake.

Fabiola piping the ricotta mixture into the cooled shells

Finally we placed a piece of candied orange on the very tip of the cannoli and with a sprinkle of powered sugar the cannoli was finished. The best part by far was enjoying them and watching all the others enjoy them as well. This was truly an experience I will always remember fondly.

The finished Cannoli - delicious

For the recipe in full click here.


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