L’Altro Gusto second class

For our second class at L’Altro Gusto we cooked food from the region of Sicily.
Though to begin we made Grissini (bread sticks), which though eaten in most regions are really from Piemonte.

Antipasti are not traditional in Sicilia but many restaurants make use of dishes from the fried foods shops which sold snacks in the past.  So for antipasto we made Arancini.

Jessica, Chelsea and Ricardo - it takes three to make Arancini

For primo we made Cous Cous with shellfish and vegetables – again not a dish you’d find in any other region of Italy but Sicilia inherited the habit of using cous cous from the Arab invaders from North Africa.  The cuisine of each region has been influenced by the invaders who ruled throughout their sometimes very different histories.
For secondo it had to be fish; Daniele the chef chose Pesce spada (sword fish).  Cooked very simply in the oven with quartered, seasoned tomatoes, it was delicious.

2nd chef Claudio checks the seasoning in the tomatoes for the sword fish

For dolce there was a difficult decision to be made; as there are so many delicious choices; Cassata, gelato, sorbets, biscotti made from almonds (another Arab influence) and Cannoli – we opted for these. (There will be a future most about making these).

Wesley folding the cannoli dough around forms before cooking


2 responses to “L’Altro Gusto second class

  1. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on The Upside Down Garden http://theupsidedowngarden.blogspot.com/ and so directing me to your beautiful Italian cuisine. We have friends to dinner (our place or theirs) every Sunday and are always looking for new recipes and methods. We will certainly try some of yours!!!

    • I really meant to direct you back to the gardening blog, but I’m glad you like Italian food! All the recipes are really easy – most Italian food is simple but needs good quality ingriedients. Christina

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