USAC at L’Altro Gusto

Students from the USAC programme were able to spend time at L’Altro Gusto restaurant on Thursday this week learning how to prepare some of the classic dishes from the region of Tuscany.

Spreading chicken liver patè onto bruschetta

Daniele, the owner chef also invited a colleague who demonstrated the art of cutting vegetables into amazing shapes and then encouraged the students to ‘have a go’  ……………

First stage of the flower

Deep in concentration!

....................with some amazing results

The menu included the following dishes: (follow the links to the recipes).  Wines Chianti of course and more unusual but delicious Vermentino from Tuscany (a grape usually associated with Sardegna.

Bruschetta with Olive Pâté; Mushroom Pâté and hot chicken liver pâté.

Ribollita – a delicious vegetable soup that makes use of Tuscan bread made without salt to keep longer (but also becomes hard very quickly).

Pappardelle al sugo di Cinghiale – Wide, egg pasta served with a sauce of wild boar.

And for pudding Castagnaccio – a cake from the mountainous areas of Tuscany bordering Liguria.  It’s made from chestnut flour associated by older Italians to times of poverty when wheat was either too expensive or not available as in times of war.

Pouring the batter over pinenuts, walnuts, sultanas and rosemary

Then we all enjoyed eating the fruits of our labour!

Buon appetito!


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