Learning from accomplished (and patient) chefs

The co-owner and master chef of L'Altro Gusto, shaping bread sticks

The USAC Italian cuisine class, which Christina teaches, is spending two class periods cooking with the chefs from L’Altro Gusto, one of our (if not the) favorite restaurant in Viterbo. They’ve opened up their kitchen to more than a dozen American students eager to learn about Italian cooking – and eating it too, of course.

For the first night, half the class made homemade pasta, some plain egg pasta and some spinach. They made half of it into sheets for lasagne and the other half was used to make pumpkin filled ravioli. The other half of the class worked in the restaurant kitchen, preparing from scratch and making small piadinis, bread sticks, a variety of fried vegetables (and apples) for antipasti; ragu and béchamel for lasagne, and castagnole for dessert. When everything was ready nearly 20 of us sat down for a bountiful four-course meal, served by the elegantly dressed L’Altro Gusto waiters who enjoyed teasing the American students to make sure they ate all the food.

The fruits of one evening


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