Is it spring? 1 Gelato

Look at how dark the chocolate gelato is!

While buying some cheese from L’Antica Latteria (more information coming soon) I was drawn to the display cabinet that has been empty of gelato since the cold weather set in during November.  Yes! It must be spring, there was a small selection of the classic flavours of gelato that are sold here.  Dark, dark chocolate, stracciatella, ricotta e cannella (cinnamon), hazelnut,  crema; later will come the seasonal fruit ices.

It must be said that spring is not actually here yet, a very cold weekend has been forecast with a possibility of snow! But between the cold days there are times when it really does feel like spring is here, warm enough to be outside without a coat, to sit at a table in the sun to eat lunch and, yes, eat a gelato when you went into the shop to buy ricotta!  If you’re really feeling hungry, you can have the gelato in a sweet roll (called a Maritozzi), this is common in Sicilia but quite unusual for the rest of Italy.


2 responses to “Is it spring? 1 Gelato

  1. Sooo good! Gelato makes everyone expect some warm weather, it is so true (although it did snow yesterday!!)

    I loved this article, and I suggest to try Polozzi’s gelato too, I adore it myself!

    Ciao ciao

  2. Yes, I like Polozzi’s gelato too. Has you also tried their pistacchio mousse with brutti ma buoni base – simply the best!

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