Maybe the quickest pasta sauce you can make

I arrived home just before lunchtime very hungry so needed to cook something delicious but quick!

I had few ingredients; what could I make? – Spaghetti with dried tomato sauce.  The following is a recipe for one.

Put the water to heat to boil for the spaghetti.  Slice 3 or 4 sun dried tomatatoes that have been stored in oil.  If you have more time you can soak sun dried tomatoes for half an hour.  Add some good extra virgin olive oil to a small skillet, put on a gentle heat.  Add the sliced tomatoes and a small clove of garlic very finely sliced.  For some spice crumple half a small, round, dried red chilli into the pan.  When the spaghetti is cooked, drain saving some of the cooking water.  Add spaghetti to the skillet, stir, and a little of the reserved cooking water if the sauce seems dry.  Serve with some freshly grated percorino or Parmegiano Reggiano cheese.  Now I feel better!



2 responses to “Maybe the quickest pasta sauce you can make

  1. I tried this dish and it is delicious and so simple. Thank you!

  2. That sounds like a tasty lunchtime quick whip up recipe. I’m a one and this is one for me!

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