Winter greens in abundance

Insalata mista (mixed greens) ready for a flavorful fresh salad

Every time I shop at one of the local produce shops I am reminded again of how much the seasons are represented by what’s filling the bins on any given day. This month the stores are overflowing with wonderful deep greens and purples: spinach, chicory, chards, kales, endive, broccoli, cauliflower, romanesco, fennel and artichokes. Many grocers are selling insalata mista which makes a wonderful green salad right out of the bag.

A good recipe to try this time of year to take advantage of winter greens is a local soup called aquacotto or aquapazza (literally “crazy water”), a traditional meal of Viterbo and surrounding villages.

One of my favorite produce shops on via Mazzini, Viterbo

More mixed greens, chicory, erbelle and other greens

More mixed greens, erbelle, chicory and other greens.


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